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The 2016 GNSI Conference is scheduled for the UC Santa Cruz campus, North end of Monterey Bay. Location is about 1.5 hrs from the San Francisco airport or 45min from the San Jose airport.

Jane Kim, founder of Ink Dwell studio will take you through her process of creating large-format work. Using a variety of materials while merging disciplines of fine art and science illustration, she creates her murals and installations as a celebration and interpretation of the natural world and a vehicle designed to challenge how we interact with it. Whether the work is in a museum, restaurant, outside or inside, each piece seeks to function as a tool that improves public understanding and experience with nature.

Another of the Guild's founding members has passed away. Carolyn Gast played a major role in creating the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. She worked as the staff illustrator in the Invertebrate Zoology Department of the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum. She was interested in the medieval development of Guilds for professions and Carolyn was the one who suggested that a Guild be established for scientific illustration. Her interest in this subject extended to illuminated manuscripts and stereoscopic images, and she created many of her own.

I am an Anatomy & Physiology professor, and the author/illustrator of a four-book series called The Visual Analogy Guides with Morton Publishing. The inspiration for these books was born in the classroom. In the anatomy lab, I used to draw sketches for students comparing anatomical structures to things from everyday life.
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