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by Trudy Nicholson

From the moment I could see over the top of my mother’s drawing board, I was captivated by the magic of a blank sheet of paper turning into an image. I saw her hand with pen, pencil or brush create charming animals – often for me. That fascination never left me. All through school, in the Philadelphia suburbs, my interest especially centered on Art and Biology. Just before graduation my biology teacher told me about medical art schools — information that I stored in my mind.

GNSI Conference

The "core" part of the conference lasts just a few days, if that is all you can attend, but this event generally stretches out to a full week of learning, sharing and fun. While each conference has its own unique character, the program generally includes:

  • Portfolio sharing/reception - meet your peers and share some stories.
  • Keynote address - exciting speakers relate whatÍs happening in our field.
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