GNSI Journal of Natural Science Illustration - 2018 no.3

2018 No.3 GNSI JNSI- 44pp. full color


Beyond Accuracy: Pursuing the Spirit of Place in Botanical Illustration

— Preston Montague
Learning to draw begins with learning how to see. Regarding my own journey to learning how to draw, botanical illustration would become critical to learning how to see.  I felt compelled to document it. I chose drawing as my medium, the product of which became Codex Carolinum, a compendium of plants native to North Carolina.

Illuminations of a 3D Alphabet

—Carolyn Bartlett Gast
GNSI Founding member Carolyn Gast explored using stereoscopic techniques to create 3-D effects. On her own time, and continued after her retirement, she begain the creation of an alphabet that captures the beauty and mystery even beyond the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, as seen in her 1991 article, reprinted here.

LEAVES: What They Are, How They Work, Ways To Draw

— Gretchen Kai Halpert
What are leaves? What may help us draw them? This article relays some of the information dispensed in the GNSI conference workshop, How to Draw Your Best Leaf Ever. Not How to Draw a Perfect Leaf; rather, what information will help you and your drawings grow.

Product Review: Inktense® Pencils by Derwent®

— By Minnelli Lucy France
Are you looking for art materials that may not trigger allergies as severely as paints with fumes, or solvents from oils and acrylics? Inktense by Derwent was one of my favorite new discoveries and is now rapidly becoming one of my main media.

Ripped from the List: Artwork Gallery Exhibition

Exploring the topic of Insurance and Shipping of your art.

Our BRAND NEW Website:

— Diana Marques
Early this winter, you will be surprised with all the new and improved features at your same trusted URL of many years: We are so proud about the upcoming GNSI website that we wanted to tell you all about it!

Conference Review: Five Decades from Grassroots to Golden Anniversary

—  Linda M. Feltner, GNSI President (2016–2018)
The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators celebrated their 50th anniversary in Washington, DC, where it all began. We have a large overview of what happened and oodles of picture to help you understand the experience.

GNSI Awards 2018

– Clara Richardson, Awards Committee
In 2018, GNSI was honored to give three awards to four people, with gratitude for their outstanding service to the Guild. These awards were presented at the closing ceremony of the Annual Meeting (the Banquet). The recipients were Diana Marques, Kapi Monoyios, Gail Guth and Britt Griswold.

GNSI 2019 Conference in Brisbane, Australia

Join us for a once in a life-time experience at the 2019 GNSI Conference, June 29th - July 6th at University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus, in Brisbane, Australia!


GNSI Journal of Natural Science Illustration - 2018 no.3