GNSI Journal of Natural Science Illustration - 2018 no.2

2018 No.2 GNSI JNSI- 36pp. full color


Illustrating Flying Vertebrates

— Dr. Michael Habib, with illustrations by Terryl Whitlatch
Understanding the mechanics of flying creatures is an important skill to have in one's tool kit when you approach the realistic recreation of paleo flyers. These same mechanics can be used to inform the creation of imaginary flying animals. The fossil record, as well as the practical mechanics observable in extant flying animals are most instructive for our recreations.

Creating a 3D Molecular Landscape

— Layla Lang
A demonstration of a few basic 3D modeling techniques, explain how to add materials to 3D elements, export separate layers from Cinema 4D® to compose a complete illustration, and make color adjustments to achieve the envisioned mood in Adobe® Photoshop®.

Book Review: Rory McEwen, The Colours of Reality

— Frank Ippolitto
The artist's name is Rory McEwen; for many readers in the US, this may be the first time we will have heard his name. This fact is as startling as anything one will come to learn in this beautifully printed overview of Mr. McEwen’s life and work.

Member Spotlight: Mesa Schumacher

— Mesa Schumacher
My artist origin story takes a form I think is fairly common for scientific illustrators. I grew up in Seattle with parents who didn’t study science, and knew little about art, but encouraged my interest in both. In our household, you could maintain a concentrated area of chaos in some corner by saying “don’t touch that, I’m in the middle of a project.”

Illustrating Nature

— Jann Griffiths
Art of the 2018 graduating class of the California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) Science Illustration Program

Chapter Happenings

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GNSI Journal of Natural Science Illustration - 2018 no.2