GNSI Journal of Natural Science Illustration - 2016 no.3

2016 No.3 GNSI JNSI- 32pp. full color


A History of Biological Illustrators in Japan

— Kana Ariga and Manabu Tashiro
In Japan, little is known about how Japanese scientific illustrators trained and exercised their skills. Until recently, there have been no institutionalized training courses, very little opportunity to exchange information with other Japanese illustrators, and few interactions with illustrators abroad. In this paper, we examine the history of Japanese scientific illustration, and discuss how the practice has changed since the introduction of western science. We do so through analyzing previous research, historical materials, and personal interviews. We found three historical turning points, discussed in this paper’s conclusion.

Goldenrod: A Passion, a Grant and a Life-Size Illustration

— Emily S. Damstra
became interested in the idea that native plants are essential to wildlife after reading Douglas W. Tallamy’s superb 2009 book Bringing Nature Home. In it, Tallamy describes how native plants sustain wildlife. As a natural science illustrator, I began to think about how I could visually communicate the idea that native plants are so important to wildlife. Then I heard about a research grant opportunity through Canada’s Access Copyright Foundation.

Member Spotlight: Kris Kirkeby

— Kris Kirkeby
I love remembering two things from my childhood. One, there was never enough drawing paper and two, I treasured hearing my parents say, “We had a young daughter who liked science and we didn’t quite know what to do with her other than encourage her.” What a gift!  I am happy for the chance to share with you some of my professional experiences demonstrating things I feel a passion for as well as ones that have impacted my professional life.

In Memoriam: Dr. John Cody

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of one of the GNSI’s shining stars, Dr. John Cody. John passed away July 11, at the age of 91.

Book Reviews: 

— reviewed by Gail Guth

• Dining With Dinosaurs: A Tasty Guide to Mesozoic Munchies
• The Hunt Botanical 15th International Ehxibition Catalog

GNSI Conference: Santa Cruz Reviewed

— Amelia Janes
Banana Slugs! We stalked them with our cameras in the redwoods. We honored them in illustrations on our conference T-shirts and totes. We consumed them molded in the form of chocolate. We studied their attributes as compared to. . . actual bananas! We even had one come to life at one of our evening events!

A Collaborative Chalk Mural: concept to exhibition

— reviewed by Taina Litwak
Never waste a good crisis, the saying goes. In late January 2016 it was becoming clear that a physical members’ exhibit in Santa Cruz was not possible. This left us without a visual hook for the host community.

SLUG SELFIES!! Using Social Media To Share A GNSI Conference

—By Gail Guth and Diana Marques
There’s nothing quite like attending a GNSI conference in person! So much more goes on beyond the presentations and speeches and workshops… “networking” doesn’t cover the camaraderie and sharing that takes place. But of course, not everyone can make the trip to our annual get-togethers. To help spread what is seen, felt, shared, learned and enjoyed at the Santa Cruz conference, Diana Marques (GNSI Outreach Director), Kapi Monoyios (GNSI Social Media Director) and Fiona Martin (Conference Publicity Chair) put their heads and their expertise together to provide all GNSI members the opportunity to join in via social media. 

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GNSI Journal of Natural Science Illustration - 2016 no.3