GNSI Journal of Natural Science Illustration - 2013 no.4

2013 No.4 GNSI JNSI- 24pp. full color


2013 Annual Conference Review

— Scott Rawlins

Abstract: Though it is true that the GNSI annual meeting has been held in Bar Harbor, ME three times, it did not take three tries for the Guild and the College of the Atlantic (COA) to coordinate a successful meeting. Each experience has been extraordinarily positive; it is my belief that the setting plays an integral part in this success.

Book Review: The Big Apples of New York

— review by Holly Butlett

Abstract: The Big Apples of New York by GNSI member Ann DuBuois takes the reader on a wonderful journey that includes apples. It teases the senses. It is filled with rich history related to the apple , from the beginning with Adam and Eve, to the people who brought the seeds to America. The book contains myths, medical uses, history, and a wonderful mystery.

Member Spotlight: Sandy McDermott

— Sandy McDermott

Abstract: Evolution of an Artist: Bushwhack. One definition says “to make one’s way through woods by cutting at undergrowth, branches, etc.” This is how I ended up rolling through life...

Conference 2014 Overview: July 13-19, 2104

— Michael Campbell

  • About Boulder: Boulder is often cited as one of the most desirable places to live in the country because of its beautiful setting, abundant parks, sunny climate, convenient access to year-round recreational activities, and lively cultural atmosphere. Enjoy a concert at the historic Boulder Theater, watch a live radio taping at Town Hall, visit the art galleries, or rent a bicycle and pedal along the Boulder Creek Path, which stretches seven miles through town.
  • GNSI Member's Exhibit Call: The Guild is pleased to announce the juried 2014 Annual Member’s Exhibit highlighting science or nature-related subject matter. SUBMISSION DATES: Feb 1, 2014 – Mar 1, 2014
  • GNSI Small Works Call: Small Works is a non-juried exhibit celebrating the inspriation we experience in our GNSI community. Here is our opportunity to display in a more informal and conversational exhibit.
  • Call for Presenters: The 2014 Boulder Conference Presentations Committee invites all GNSI members to consider giving a talk, techniques showcase demonstration or workshop (or all three?) this summer.

Studio Tips: Digital-Coquille Technique

—Taina Litwak & Maayan Harel

Abstract: Large-scale descriptive studies in entomology can require numerous scientific illustrations and involve many illustrators. Consistency is important, even when a study spans many years and advancements in technology. The digital-coquille technique came about as a way to keep uniformity of style with traditional illustration, while taking advantage of the benefits of technological advances.

On Writing

— Gail Selfridge

Abstract: You are thinking of contributing material to the Journal, but every time you seriously consider it you develop writing phobia, a condition that ranks along side the fears people have of math and public speaking. Art takes up all of your time so there is none left for writing. Besides, writing is too hard, no one would be interested in your topic, and all the great writers know their calling by the time they are five years old so why try?

Focus on Nature 2014

— Gail Guth

Abstract: The New York State Museum announced the artists selected for the Focus on Nature XIII exhibition . The GNSI has a strong showing of members in the new FON Exhibit! Twenty-five of the seventy-one artists chosen are GNSI members and are listed below. Congratulations! This two page spread represents a random selection of GNSI members’ work accepted to this exhibit. The full gallery will be available online once the exhibit opens. EXHIBIT DATES: Apr.18, 2014 - Jan. 5, 2015