Denver Botanic Gardens

We invite you to join the tradition of artists who have portrayed the beauty of plants for centuries. One of a handful of programs worldwide providing comprehensive instruction in botanical art and illustration, we offer something for everyone.

In the Botanical Art and Illustration Certificate Program, you will learn the skills to render plants in remarkable scientific detail and the artistic techniques needed to create beautiful and lasting plant portraits.

The program is offered in On-site and Distance Learning versions:

  • On-site classes are usually 5 weeks long.
  • Distance learning classes are a hybrid program: We firmly believe that personal, individual instruction is needed for the successful result. For each class, the students spend 2 intense days onsite (typically Saturday – Sunday or Friday – Saturday) and then complete the rest off-site/on-line. In order to get a credit, they need to complete their assignments/final plate one month after the onsite workshop.
  • In addition, the DBG offers many weekend workshops, as well as an overseas field trip: the Arts and Archives Europe Tour.

Learn more about the DBG Classes and Certificate Program on their website.

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