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Association of Medical Illustrators

The Association of Medical Illustrators furthers the use of visual media to advance science, medicine, and healthcare through a worldwide network of highly specialized interdisciplinary professionals.

The Medical Artists' Association of Great Britain

The Association was founded in 1949 and is the professional body for Medical Artists in the UK.

Association Europeenes des Illustrateurs Medicaux et Scientifique (AIEMS)

In 1986 The Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques (AEIMS) was founded in Strasbourg. It's aims were to bring together artists, illustrators and sculptors working in medical education and the life sciences.

Institute of Medical Illustrators

London - Since 1968 IMI has set and maintained standards for the medical illustration profession, bringing together the disciplines of clinical photography, medical art, illustration, graphic design and video within healthcare. The Institute’s members are a highly specialised and skilled group of people contributing to the care of patients and the teaching of medicine and allied health subjects.

Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration

AIMBI was founded in 1976 to bring together illustrators from the fields of medicine, science, photography, industry, teaching, television and cinematography. Today there are more than 70 members Australia wide.

Medical Artists' Education Trust

The Medical Artists' Education Trust is responsible for the training and education of students of Medical Art, providing its graduates with the only nationally recognised qualification in Medical Art.

The Medical Artists' Association of Great Britain was founded in 1949 to gain recognition for the profession of the Medical Artist, and to select and train students into the profession. In 1997 this Postgraduate Programme became the Medical Artists' Education Trust, a separate Education Body with charitable status, and thus the MAET was founded.


Southern Ontario Nature and Science Illustrators (SONSI)

SONSI is a regional organization of illustrators whose works focus on science and nature.

Our goals are to:

  • Further our own professional development by learning from each other
  • Encourage each other toward higher standards of competence and ethics
  • Network and socialize with others having similar interests and work experiences
  • Support the intellectual property rights of visual artists
  • Promote our discipline to the general public and to potential clients
  • Educate the public about science and nature through our work

For more information, find SONSI online at or e-mail [email protected]

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