Book Review: The Big Apples of New York

— Review by Holly Butlett

The Big Apples of New York takes the reader on a wonderful journey that includes apples. It teases the senses. It is filled with rich history related to the apple , from the beginning with Adam and Eve, to the people who brought the seeds to America. The book contains myths, medical uses, history, and a wonderful mystery.

The Big Apples of New York is a great addition to the library of a hobbyist, gardener, history buff, botanical artist or any person who loves apples. Even the domestic chef would be surprised by the recipes at the end of the book. The book is filled with beautiful botanical apple plates that visually distinguish the varieties through color and textural look. Descriptions of history and how the portrayed apple might be used are written on the back of the plates. At the back of the book, you will find a list of apple orchards in the state of New York . I found the book easy to read- and throughly enjoyable. Just make sure you have apples on hand for a snack.

The Big Apples of New York was written and illustrated by GNSI member Ann DuBois.

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