Journal Submissions

Submissions to the GNSI Journal are welcomed from anyone and we encourage articles of all types, either in-depth or brief notes, and will work with you on polishing them up, so you don’t have to be an accomplished writer to submit. There are several categories for submission, but all types of material are welcome. Our goal is to publish material that is useful and informative to each and every member. 

Feature Stories
In-depth articles on art, illustration and the business of art and illustration of approximately 1200 - 3200 words, that enlighten the reader on topics in which the author has significant knowledge. You will find examples of these stories here. Please read the submission requirements before preparing an article.

Pages From My Sketchbook
Present a page from your sketch book with a paragraph of text that tells the reader about the subject and what make this a special image to you.

Career Paths
Lay out the twists and turns of your career so that new members can begin to see how a career in illustration is created. No two stories are the same! Use our list of starter questions to get your hands moving on a short piece.

Member Spotlight
Describe your current career situation in 500 words or less.

Business Insights
Thoughts, tips, stories about business issues (freelancing, managing complex projects, balancing work and personal life, working with difficult or unusual clients, etc.)

The Digital Age
Working with social media, how you use it to promote your business.

Educator’s Corner
Short articles with tips about presenting a particular topic to your students; other topics of interest to educators.

Techniques Showcase
Straight from the conference tables, share a technique or unique approach to your work.

Tell us about special events you have planned, successes and pitfalls, including workshops, exhibits… did you give a talk to the public or groups of students, or do you recruit new members, or mentor a student? Tell us about your approach.

Studio Tips
Short and sweet, share a little hint that makes your work more productive, easier, safer, or just more fun!

If at all possible, articles should have one or more images to accompany them (see the Feature submission requirements for image details). For questions and proposals, use our contact form and select "Submission Inquiries".