GNSI Techniques Sheets III

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The techniques presented in this publication form the basis of 90% of the traditional techniques used for decades by prominent science illustrators. While some techniques, materials, and methods of creating scientific illustration have changed substantially in the ensuing years, the fundamental information for non-digital art creation remains the same or can be adapted to more modern approaches (as in the case of the article on airbrush; the techniques explained can be used almost step-by-step in Photoshop). 

The one constant throughout these pages demonstrated by all good science illustrators is the experimentation with materials and methods to solve production problems. Each new generation of illustrators is faced with this same issue. The focus of the Guild is to provide a channel for our members to constantly share problem-solving ideas and new techniques to the process of visually spreading knowledge to the world. 

Happily, new technology allows us to present our materials digitally and update them in a more timely fashion in the future, and our aim is to keep these publications fresh as methods and materials continue to evolve. In the meantime, we are confident the information in these pages remains largely relevant and adaptable to our members in their current work; materials and approaches that are no longer widely used can still be reviewed in their historical context, and useful nuggets extracted. But there is nothing like the pleasure of holding a hand drawn, one of a kind image that is both beautiful and accurate – a true work of art. For that, these techniques are as important today are they ever were.

Color and Black & White, 32pp


  • Transferring Drawings
  • Graphite Pencil Basics
  • Colored Pencil Technique
  • Ink & Scratchboard Techniques
  • Pen & Ink in Botanical Illustration
  • Pen & Ink on Translucent Surfaces
  • Scratchboard Technique
  • Painting Techniques
  • Damp Wash on Scratchboard
  • Watercolor Technique for Anatomical Painting
  • Airbrush Techniques in Paleobiology Illustration
  • Carbon Dust Techniques
  • A Substitute Paper for Carbon Dust Drawings
  • Paper Repair
  • Making Carbon Dust Glow
  • Adobe Illustrator Basics
  • Adobe Photoshop Basics

Online Archive Articles

  • Media Duralar Pencils on Drafting Film
  • Carbon Dust on Cronaflex Drafting Film
  • Damp Wash on Scratchboard

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GNSI Techniques Sheets III - Cover
GNSI Techniques Sheets III - Transfer Sheet process
GNSI Techniques Sheets III - Carbon Dust technique
GNSI Techniques Sheets III - Photoshop Techniques