GNSI Journal of Natural Science Illustration - 2016 no.1

2016 No.1 GNSI JNSI- 28pp. full color


Science Illustration as Storytelling: Explaining Complex Problems Through Interactive Science Illustration

– M. Genevieve Hitchings

The web creates a unique forum for storytelling. Science illustration, when combined with interactivity, opens up unique possibilities for presenting clear, digestible bits of engaging information. Browse sites selected by Genevieve Hitchings as she discusses the benefits of this new medium.

An Evolving Career in Scientific Illustration: Part II

– Jessica Hsiung

You may remember my first installment (JNSI 2013 no.1): after attending the GNSI Summer Workshop at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute in Hastings, MI, I realized Science Illustration was the career for me. I finished my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, and enrolled in the Science illustration program at Monterey Bay. On to Part II!

Visualizing Dinosaurs: An Introduction To Science Illustration in 3D

– Matteo Gabaglio

A GNSI Education Series Workshop Review: The Fall 2015 GNSI workshop was held in Orono, Maine, with computer artist Chuck Carter.

2016 Conference at Santa Cruz!

This year’s GNSI conference will be held at the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC), July 3–9. Visit the Conference website for details on travel, housing, speakers and more! Registration starts soon!

Interpreting Five Fingers, an interview with Sharon Birzer

– Audrey Freudenberg

GNSI member Sharon Birzer asked Audrey Freudenberg for help in writing an article for the Journal. We were intrigued by the story and the nature of its telling. An interview format worked the best!

Ripped from the List

– Stephen DiCerbo, R-R-R-Ripped Editor

"I’m considering purchase of an archival quality printer for producing prints of my art and photography work."
An online discussion on choosing a large format archival inkjet printer

Archival Printing

- Karen Ackoff

With Karen’s permission, her blog entry is reprinted here. Karen Ackoff has been an active player in the realm of fine art scanning and archival printing and has been a wonderful proponent of this facet of our domain.

Save The Date! 2016 GNSI Annual Conference: July 3-9, 2016

GNSI Journal of Natural Science Illustration - 2016 no.1