GNSI Journal of Natural Science Illustration - 2018 no.3

2018 No.3 GNSI JNSI- 44pp. full color


Beyond Accuracy: Pursuing the Spirit of Place in Botanical Illustration

— Preston Montague
Learning to draw begins with learning how to see. Regarding my own journey to learning how to draw, botanical illustration would become critical to learning how to see.  I felt compelled to document it. I chose drawing as my medium, the product of which became Codex Carolinum, a compendium of plants native to North Carolina.


50 years of GNSI History

Let Scott Rawlins lead you down the path with a small band of Illustrators who wanted to break out of their insulated offices and share the mysteries of creating accurate and beautiful art describing our natural world. This 45 min. history of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators was presented at the 2018 GNSI Conference awars banquet in Washington DC. This video will be available on the GNSI Youtube channel

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2017-2018 Board



Linda Feltner (President)
Linda M. Feltner is an award-winning nature artist and educator. Linda has instructed for the University of Washington Scientific Illustration Certification Program, and currently teaches for the Art Institute of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. She holds a Master of Arts degree, and is a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation and the Society of Animal Artists. Her home in the Sky Islands of southeastern Arizona provides awe-inspiring biodiversity right outside her studio window.

2018 GNSI Conference: Washington DC

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July 15, 2018 - 12:00pm to July 21, 2018 - 8:00pm

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the Guild, our 2018 Conference will be held July 15-21, 2018 in Washington DC.


Opportunities abound in such a historically rich city. Among them are the National Museum of Natural Science, rich collections to interest our diversity of science illustrators, historical and cultural architecture, iconic monuments old and new, the national zoo, botanic gardens, and world-famous art collections.

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Congratulate GNSI members in the 2016 FON Exhibit!

Congratulations to ALL the GNSI members* who claimed a spot in the Focus On Nature 14 exhibit. And congratulation to those who received a Jury award!

*(membership current as of 4/4/2017)
† Jury Award Winner

Lauren Bassing 
American White Ibis (Eudocimus albus)/ Brown Pelican (juvenile) (Pelecanus occidentalis)

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