Digitising the Collection: 3D Objects

3D PDF of the seed Wilkinsonia glencoensis

This article appears in the 2015 no.3 Journal of Natural Science Illustration

Digitising the Collection:

Evaluating photogrammetry as a means of producing a digital, three-dimensional model

— AK Milroy, AC Rozefelds, S Coghlan, AM Holmes, S Hocknull

Increased demand for access to museum collections is driving a trend toward specimen digitisation. Three dimensional (3D) digital models provide researchers with rapid on-line access and augment publications. The availability of accurate 3D digital models reduces the need for museums to loan specimens, and thus reduces risk of loss and/or damage. 

The following case study documents the production of 3D digital models of palæobotanical specimens at the Queensland museum using a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) and Agisoft PhotoScan photogrammetric software. The resulting models can be shared online, viewed using a commonly available format, and tactually manipulated using a touchscreen. 

Digital Bonus Material: 3D PDF of the seed Wilkinsonia glencoensis
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3D PDF of the seed Wilkinsonia glencoensis