GNSI Leadership

Becoming a leader in your field is an important part of an individual's growth and career. The GNSI offers many volunteer opportunities, at many levels of participation, that make a difference in the success and recognition of Science illustration as a profession.

Current Board of Directors:

2018-2019 Board

Past Board of Directors:

2017-2018 Board

2016-2017 Board

2015-2016 Board

2014-2015 Board

2013-2014 Board

2012-2013 Board

2011-2012 Board

2010-2011 Board

2009-2010 Board

2008-2009 Board

GNSI Projects:

Journal of Natural Science Illustration: Clara Richardson; ,  Gail Guth; guth-gnsi (at)

New Media Director: Ikumi Kayama; ikumikayama (at)

Art-in-Science Education: Kris Kirkeby, MaryBeth Hinrichs, and Jennifer Landin

Archive: Scott Rawlins; rawlinss (at)

Listserve: Lana Koepke Johnson; ljohnson1 (at)

2018 GNSI Annual Meeting: Joel Floyd; info (at)

2017 GNSI Annual Meeting: Jennifer Landin; jmlandin (at)

2016 GNSI Annual Meeting: Robin Carlson; robinleecarlson (at)

2015 GNSI Annual Meeting: Scott Rawlins; rawlinss (at)

2014 GNSI Annual Meeting: Marjorie Leggitt; mcl (at)

2013 GNSI Annual Meeting: Sara Taliaferro; gnsieddirector (at)

2012 GNSI Annual Meeting: Kristie Bruzenak; kbruzena (at)

2011 GNSI Annual Meeting: Audrey Miles Cherney; audreyanne (at)

Webmaster: Britt Griswold; bgriswold (at) 

Historian: Nancy Halliday (847) 657-7623

Traveling Exhibit: Amelia Janes arjanes (at)

Illustrators’ Partnership liasion: Dolores R. Santoliquido; skylinestudio (at)

Fundraising: (Open Position)

Science Insights: Britt Griswold; bgriswold (at)

Awards Committee: Kristine A. Kirkeby; k2kirk (at), Sara Taliaferro, Clara Richardson

Nominating Committee: Kristine A. Kirkeby; k2kirk (at), Sara Taliaferro, Clara Richardson