Searching for best SI program for a Bachelors of Biology Graduate

I have recently graduated with a degree in biology. I am in search of a scientific illustration program to start in Fall 2015. I want to find a school that can help me use my bio degree and art skills to become a scientific illustrator. Should I get an MA or MFA, or is a certification program enough to get a good job in this field?  My career goal is to become a SI for a publishing company, but first I need to learn fine art computer skills and further my art techniques.

I am working on applying to California State University, Monterey Bay, which I heard is one of the best schools, but I know they only take 15 students a semester. I have back up options, but I want to make sure they are quality schools that I can also get a job from (CSU has a 14/15 employment ratio). I have also heard that the University of Washington's Natural Illustration Program is good, but other than that I have not heard much about succesful employment from the other schools I have seen listed. I am sure there are other good ones, but I have yet to seek them out. I am currently doing research on all the different certification programs, but I could use some advice. If someone could lend some advice about other good programs that a bachelor biology graduate could take to become a scientific illustrator I would be extremely appreciative.