Science Illustration Internships

I am a Junior Illustration major in Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA. I am very interested in scientific and biological illustration and was wondering if you take summer interns, or could send me in the right direction on my internship search. I appreciate you taking the time to read my email, I look forward to hearing from you.



The Guild does not have internships, though we do look for a couple of go-getters to help our confernece organizers in the spring of each for upcoming GNSI annual conferences. The remuneration is really low, but you learn a lot about the GNSI and Science illustratrtion, as well as conference organization. If that might be of interest let us know.

As far as internships in general, you need to look for organizations doing what you want to be doing and finding out the right people in them to contact. 

Look to museums and research institutions. Some have staff illustrators or the need of staff illustrators they can't afford to have full time.

Look to publications that deal in the sciences - such as Sciencetific American, National Geographic, Nature.

Some of these organizations will have organized internship program, or continuing agreements with education institutions to feed them graduates of their programs.

To be successfull at getting an internship is these enterprizes, you need to have a portfolio of work that will match up with the trype of work being done there. You need to show you have the skills they will desire. So look at their work product. Will you be a good match? Do you understand enough of what they do to be useful in an office? Your communications should reflect that you do. Organizations are willing to do interships most often when they see that they will not have to teach the basics (language) of their work product, and your art skills are in line with their direction.


While this page provides information on a wide variety of internships, there are sometimes a few internships in scientific illustration to be had at Smithsonian Museums, if the DC area is a possibility for you.

Karen Ackoff