Schools that offer Scientific Illustration

After 2 years of nursing classes, ive finally changed my mind on my career route. 

Ok so, Its nearly impossible for me to find any info on what undergrad colleges offer any of these SI classes other than SCAD. 

Im Local to Florida, and there are no schools that i know of that offer the under-graduate.

Whenever i surf the net looking for any options it always just turns me up to the couple of Graduate program offering schools ( Masters program )

If anyone could include the universities they know of that offer the programs please let me know. 

It would be greatly appreciated. 

Or is the PDF list in the Education section the only schools that offer these programs?

It would be nice to be able to attend UF, but it seems as if it only has a botanical illustration course. 

Arcadia University
Cleveland Institute of Art
Iowa State University
North Georgia College and State University
Northern Illinois University
Olivet College
Rochester Institute of Technology
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
University of Florida
University of Georgia
Virginia Commonwealth
University University of Newcastle

The PDF we host is a list of all the programs and courses we have heard of that have a focus on Science and Medical illustration. 

Your other option is to work with your college to design a course of independent study that leads to your BS.  With alittle effort and letter writing you can probalby find out what the general details are for the course of learning are within these programs.

Maybe conculting with the Botanical Illustration Program at the University of Florida might point you to the right people to consult there.

If your goal is to become a medical illustrator, this is possible to do without attending one of the approved programs, you would beed to meet the education requirements and then pass the AMI certification tests.

You might be able to get some valuble advice from the teachers/leaders of the approved programs. They really are nice people. I would suggest you think about writing a clear letter that states what your current status is, and asks for advice on what you need to move forward toward yoru goal. Now email that yo the heads of the medical art programs in the US. I bet you get some advice back.

Britt Griswold


I took a quick look, and Univ of Florida offers Biological Illustration. I don't know the faculty there, but you can contact her and see if it's a good fit for you.

It's not necessary to get your bachelors in science/medical illustration in order to be accepted into the medical illustration graduate program, but it definitely helps. It's similar to how students can be accepted to PhD programs without having a bachelors in same or similar major. I do strongly suggest that you do go through a medical illustration graduate program to work in the field. The field is highly-specialized and the client-base is very detail-oriented and demands the highest scientific and medical accuracy in your work.

I think a good place to start is to look at the programs that offer medical illustration masters degrees. There are four in North America that are currently accepting students:

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine -Art as Applied to Medicine

Georgia Health Sciences University (formerly Medical College of Georgia) - Medical Illustration

University of Illinois at Chicago: Biomedical Visualizations

University of Toronto: Biomedical Communications

They list the prerequisites for the program on their websites. Make sure you have taken all the courses to be considered as possible candidate. There are also student works sections and you can look through and see which school is your best fit. It's very helpful to schedule a portfolio review as a prospective student and visit the department. The professors can go through your portfolio and can give you pointers in what they are looking for and what areas to practice.

You don't have to have experience in digital work, but currently ~90% of medical illustration are created digitally mostly for quick turnaround and style. There are more and more demand for 3d animation for molecular visualization. The field of healthcare is evolving very quickly, and medical illustrators need to keep up with the current technology.

Check this link out to see the list of courses offered in science illustration to get in touch with the program:

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. Good luck!


Thank you both very much for your advice. 

I have currently set up an appointment to talk to an acedemic advisor at UF. As i am only a couple hours from the compus currently. 

It just seemed to me that it was for botanical purposes.  Myself wanting to go into medical illustration personally, I didnt know that it would have been 100% compatible. 

I will find out for sure once i speak with the advisor. 

I read more and more every day, and i thank you a lot for your insight. 


It's been good to communicate with you.  For the benefit of others who may bee seeking undergraduate SI programs, SCAD currently has a minor in scientific illustration.  This can be paired with a number of majors of your choice to complete a program that meets your career goals.