Looking for a mentor in the Bay Area

Hi everyone! I am so delighted to have stumbled upon this community today! I'm a twenty-one year old artist from San Jose that was inspired by my animal behavior teacher to look into this career path during the summer of 2011. Ever since then the idea of submerging myself into this career has been swirling in my head. I am very passionate for biology & neuroscience and specifically like to work on animal drawings in a variety of mediums. Although I am excited about this field, I wish that I could meet someone in person to give me some guidance. I have never met anyone else that does this for a living so my path towards getting there could use some help. I'm currently enrolled at west valley community college as an art transfer to San Jose state. I want to receive my graduate degree at CSU Monterey but I want to be prepared and intern or atleast build a solid portfolio in the mean time.  I've attached some of the art demonstrating where I'm at so far. Looking forward to becoming a member & attending an event in the area, Cheers!


p.s. if there is any workshops near San Jose please let me know !