Integrating the Love of Art & Science

Most all Science Illustrators will tell stories of how their love of Art & Science began when they were young.  I would like to invite all those whom would like to share their earliest experiences when they discovered the natural integration of the Arts & Sciences.  Many discount their earliest sketches of favorite animals and other schoolhouse illustrations for teachers as insignificant.  These early experiences that were encouraged by family, friends and teachers are the foundation of the growing science illustrator.  Please share your story~

I grew up on a small Georgia farm very close to Roosevelt's Warm Springs, Roosevelt State Park and Callaway Gardens. Their influence on me goes without saying.  Science and art education in the local school system was very poor, but my interests in biology and and art started very early, probably about age eight.  The confluence of natural environments, including the family farm, sustained my self-education in the natural sciences and in drawing.  When I entered Columbus College, my intent was to go on to Medical Illustration School at Augusta, Georgia.  But the environmental bug bit me hard and I decided to focus my education in the environmental sciences and ecology.  Following graduation I entered a career in public health as an environmentalist  where I remain.  During these past 30 years I have sold cartoons and produced art for various public health agencies, usually at no cost.  Many of my professors in undergraduate and graduate school told me I should consider biological illustration full or part time.  I am starting my science illustration business as a side-line now and will engage in it full time after my retirement from public health.  I also teach biology and environmental science part time at Dalton State where my illustration skills come in handy.

Raymond King