Improving skills and career possibilities during PhD

Hi, I've just got my Master's Degree in Molecular Biology in Italy, and I've felt quite uncertain what to do after. I might go for a PhD, but I feel a career in SI would be a suitable alternative for me. I've always been drawing since I can remember, using many different techniques and gaining also some expertise in 2D and 3D digital drawing, and scientific subjects (especially biological ones) are among my favourite.

I know I surely need more practice and training to improve my skills. I was wondering, in case I start a PhD (my most plausible destinations being England or Finland), what I could do during that period to still have the chance to possibly purchase a career in SI when I finish, including keeping drawing and training my skills on my own.

Many thanks


I would say do two things:

1. Always carry a small sketch book and use it daily to visually describe your thoughs ideas and observations. Yo may only draw a 1/4 page one day an then cover 3 pages the next, just be persistant.

2. Sharpen your art skills with the tools of the commercial artist by using your PhD inqires to not only write, but illustrate the things that are of interest to you.