Graduate Programs?

I'm a senior in Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University.  I'm about to start applying to Grad schools in a couple weeks and was wondering if anyone had recomendations.  I've already been looking at CSU's Monterey Bay program, but I'm trying to figure out where else to apply to. 

One thing I have been wondering is if it is better to do a certificate program and stick with a BFA, or if I should instead focus on getting an MFA in Illustration.  Also, which certification programs are considered to be the best?




I am a 3rd year Ph.D. student in research and am interested in pursuing combining my passion for research with my love of art. I am also interested in a program in order to better my knowledge of art as well as digital illustration of artwork for publications. In the future, I would enjoy working with an institution where I can utilize both my Ph.D., as well as a certification in scientific illustration (whether it be a certificate or master's). With a Ph.D., I was wondering if someone from the GNSI would have an idea of a program that would be right for me. Thank you for your time and keep up the great work!



Thank you for your interest in scientific illustration.  It really is a neat niche in the world of illustration-we are visual problem solvers who understand both science and art and turn our skills into valuable communication tools.

You mentioned you are interested in digital illustration, and I'll be happy to discuss with you some options for the different programs.  I have a master's degree in medical & biological illustration which is a full time two year program.   There are five programs in N. America that offer masters degree in medical illustration/animation.  All the programs are offered at a medical school and they mostly concentrate on medical art aimed for healthcare and medical fields.  They all have a different concentrations-some are animation heavy and some are more 'traditional'.  

There are number of courses you can take in scientific illustration, some are certificate programs, and some are continuing education, and some are bachelor's degrees programs.  I know there are different concentrations also ranging from botanical to marine biology etc. etc. You can check out the list of schools that offer scientific illustration courses.  Maybe there's one in your area.

- Ikumi


The AMI approved MFA programs are a great graduate boot camp to getting ready for a professional career science art, even if you don't plan to make it strictly medical work. The processes work well in any subject matter.  

The Monterey  Certificate program has been around for decades and is very well regarded.

The Cleveland Institute of Art Program is working toward AMI certification (I think), and has a lot to recommend it.