BA in Arts, best next step?


  I graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and have no higher education in science, though it has been an interest and passion of mine since I was a child. In high school I remember taking as many science and art courses as I could and then chose to attend art school. I have struggled for years as an independent artist and am interested in taking my degree to another level by pursuing Scientific Illustration. I have a special love for the ocean and am a certified diver as well and am curious about any overlapping opportunities. 

As far as further education goes, what is my best course of action in pursuing Scientific Illustration after obtaining a Bachelor in Fine Arts? What sort of science courses are recommended? I have read info on people recieving degrees in science first then arts but not the other way around so any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you



I think it can be pretty tough without getting involved in a non-paid capacity to put some roots down in the community. And make sure you can talk the lingo a bit. If you are sharp about asking good questions of your clients, and maybe take some of the free online courses in science subject that interest you, or a community college course on Biology, and like to read about science, you are at least then able to dive into some volunteer work in the communities that interest you. Jobs and work often come through personal connections.

If you have the aptitude for creating great images, and the technical skills to do production work, and photography skills, there might be a place for you in a science related industry job.  My opinion is that you need about 150 people in a work unit or company to support one full-time graphics person, a jack-of-all-trades position that has you doing graphic-design, photo correction, PPT, Posters, charts, graphs, and even some illustration, video editing, 3D modeling, etc.  If you has some more specialized skills with computer language/some math, and computer 3D/animation, or a company that needs a spacialist in something esoteric that you love, you might be able to spacialize. But all the general image creation skills still come in handy in any visual communications job.