About to get my BS in Biology; Where do I go now?

Hi Everyone,

So I've always had two loves; Art and Science.Growing up I either wanted to be a Disney anamator or a Veterinarian. I started my academic cerear 20 something years ago as a Art major but am now finishing a degree program in Biology.

There's a Masters program here in Georgia for Medical Illistration that I'm intrested in, but I'm worried that I don't meet the ALL the criteria that they list. I have a most of the studio classes, but lack the computer desing skills. As for my Sciencs courses, I'm a very good student and seem to be on track with what they're asking. Do these programs really expect an applicant to have all the sugested courses?  It would seem that inorder to cover everything, I would need a double major and that's just not going to happen.

Also, is there generally a "freshness date" on work that can be submitted in a portfolio. Most of my life drawing stuff is ~ extreamly dated (like 20 yrs old).  I'm an equine artist and horses populate my curent portfolio almost exclusivly.


Thanks for your time and any advice would be most welcome.



Angela Hernandez