Ride board for Boulder conference

Is there a ride board yet for the Boulder conference? I'm booking my flights and all Sat. return flights leave Denver at 6:15 am, too early for the shuttle. Wondering if others have early am flights and want to share a car or room in Denver. May opt for Sunday return instead. Putting out feelers.


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Gretchen, there is a ride board in the forums. it has its own top level caregory:


I am actually leaving on a 11:59 PM flight out of dever Saturday night for the very reason that the Sunday morning flights are to early. I am on the overnight field trip and will be back to Boulder around 4pm Sat 19th. So I will not have to rush to get to Denver. The down side is the red-eye back to Baltimore and it is not direct...



Thanks, Britt. I found the travel forum. I considered returning Sunday too, but those flights were $100 more than Saturday's. Somehow, my husband got excellent travel times and prices for the week prior. He's at a conference an hour from Denver the week before ours. The overnight field trip did look enticing....Gretchen