Licensing/pricing advice

I have not run into this situation before, and wondered if anyone could advise as to best practice:

I few years ago, I did an illustration for a client who was contacted by an another organization that would like to use the image on their website  referencing the original client's work (or at least the same subject matter.) The rights were non-transferable, so the client refered back to me--what is the most ideal way to handle something like this?

I appreciate any input--thank you!


If I understand you correctly, you own the rights to a piece of work, which you have sold once already for limited use to one organization. Now a second organization wants to use the image as a visual to point back to the first organization from a web page?  I would say if they want to use it in all its full glory, charge them for the privalige. If they want to use a smaller/thumbnail as a representation of the organization they are pointing to, then you might consider modifying your agreement with the first organization to allow that.  If they want to use it for their own subject discussion, charge them an approriate amount for the pivilage.

If it is some other situation, I will need more information.