I am interested in Science Illustration, how can I learn more?

I have recently been introduced to sceintific illistration and the importance of it and as an artist it is something I would love to get into. Do you have any advice or key information that you could give me. It would be an amazing help. Thank you.



Dear Rebecca,

I would encourage you to do four things:

1. Review the Fourm threads at http://www.gnsi.org/forum/general-discussion .
The Fourm is new, so there are not that many entries yet. A lot of good questions have been asked and answered about Science Illustration careers. It should take less than an hour to read them.

2. Join the Sci-art Listserve. http://www.gnsi.org/resources/reviews/gnsi-sciart-l-listserv 
It is an email discussion group that gets 10-20 comments a day with lots of good information from illustrators all over the world. If you have a question, ask , and it will get an answer. 

3. There are a number of resources in England (I see you have a UK email address). Here is a list of associations that may be able to give you more hands on contacts. Many are "Medical" illustrator groups, but my guess is their work goes beyond medical as well. http://www.gnsi.org/resources/reviews/related-science-artist-associations

4. Here is a list of training programs. http://www.gnsi.org/resources/training/courses-science-illustration
You may find some opportunities for training and study by investigating these listings we have compiled

Being a science illustrator these days takes lots of flexibility and a willingness to work electronically as well as traditionally, with strong drawing skills and as many webs skills as you can muster. Please feel free to write back if you have any specific questions about Science Illustration.