Expected conference turn out

Hi there,

This conference will be my first one and I wanted to know what the expected turn out is? I'm a bit nervous since I won't know anyone but I do look forward to meeting new people. Also has anyone had difficulties signing up for workshops they want to take in the past? Thanks!


Expected attendance will be about 150 people, and I guarentee you don't need to be nevous. The group is very friendly. Just ask a question and you are in.


As long as you sign up in the first 30 days of registration, there is usually not a problem getting the workshops you want. Registration should open on April 7th.


What if I am planning on just being there for the workshops? Unfortunately I won't be able to get off work long enough to be there for the first half. Can I still register for workshops come April 7th?

I think you would need to select at least a Wed. Day registration to register only for Workshops and Field Trips before the site opens to the "Public" , which I think is June 1st. If you are a GNSI member, you could try cajoling the Registrar between May 26 and June 1st about refunding the Day Registration, but I would not count on it.


I would suggest you grab the paper registration form when that goes up on April 7th and  register tha way. It is more flexible. You should be able to register that way for Thursday and Friday only as long as you are a member.