Are you interested in an MA or MFA degree in Scientific Illustration?

I've been involved with preparing the MA and MFA programs in scientific illustration for the Savannah College of Art and Design.  I'm wondering how many of the readers of this blog might be interested in pursuing an MA or MFA degree in scientific illustration.

If you're out there would you please let me know.  You could drop a line here or send me an email at [email protected]

Posted for Ray Lee, Australia:

Hello Members, my name is Ray Lee, I live in Queensland, Australia. I am an emerging artist, and I am interested in doing some study in a Scientific Illustration Certificate Course. The GNSI, may know of a University or College in the USA, that provides a course by distance study. There are no Colleges or Universities that provide the course in Australia. Hoping you may be able to help. Regards Ray Lee. 

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There are two USA West coast certificate programs that are not distance learning.

One in Seattle, WA  ( and one in Monterey, CA (


Hello Ray,

I'm not aware of any general scientific illustration online programs.  I am aware of a two-year distance learning program in botanical illustration offered by the Society of Botanical Artists in England.  That program is not online.  It uses the regular mail system. A strong group of teachers is involved in the program.  Try this link


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Best wishes on your continuing IT education and professional development.

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I live in Ithaca, NY where Cornell University is located. They offer a botanical illustration certification course fully online. I just took it over the last year, was a great course! I've been working with the instructor and we are forming an 'advanced botanical illustration course'  this fall, if anyone is interested please let me know - [email protected]


I'm still working on my social work masters degree and although I am looking forward to start a career in this domain I wouldn't mind to pursue a degree in scientific illustration too once I complete it. I've been interested in such illustrations all my life, so I would be more than happy to be able to study them.

Im EXTREMELY interested in a science illustration program. This May I will graduate with a BFA in Drawing and a BA in Biology. I have the drawing skills but not the job know-how for the science illustration field; was just about to inquire about illustration programs before I found this, they seem so scarce.

~ Stasya

Hello Stasya,

SCAD is currently preparing a degree for students who want to become scientific illustrators.  It will be a cutting edge program founded in the tradiions of the field.  We have been planning on a fall 2012 start-up.  As soon as we have the final word on the program's opening date, I'll post that on the blog.

I you would like me to add your name and email address to my mailing list for program announcements, please send that to me at [email protected].

Happy New Year!


Kristie Bruzenak

Professor of Foundations and Scientific Illustration


I am very interested in pursuing a master's degree in Scinetific illustraion after my graduating from college 2014 summer. I tried to find the program in the Savannah College of Art and Design but could not find it. Can you please give me more information or a link with more information?

Thanks so much!



Daisy Chung 

I am very interested in an MA or MFA degree in scientific illustration. It would have to be an online/distance learning program because I have family/work obligations, but I do want to further my skills in the field and add an official degree to my resume (besides what I've learned on the job!). Please let me know if you do decide to implement the program; I'll be one of the first to apply.