By Gail Guth
GNSI Outreach & Communications Director
[email protected]


Marketing a company or a product is big business and big science! Every day we are bombarded with images and messages all designed to make us want to buy a product or use a service, and to make us like a particular business or entity. The central element of that marketing is usually the entity's logo, and nearly every company or group that has a logo has stylebooks and guidelines that spell out how that logo should (and should not) be used. Stylebooks go beyond just the logo, and often specify PMS colors and fonts, how the logo is to be displayed, etc.

We are always asking our members to promote the GNSI, to tell colleagues, fellow scientists, fellow artists, students and anyone else who shows even a molecule of interest, what we are all about and encourage them to join. To help you do just that, we have assembled a GNSI Information Kit. This is a pdf document that spells out basic information about the Guild: history, current officers, membership demographics, what is scientific illustration, careers in scientific illustration, and a membership application. The kit is available on the GNSI website, or contact me for a copy.

We will be adding more information to that kit soon. Well include ideas and tips on putting on an exhibit, aimed at both individual members, groups and chapters, that promotes the GNSI as well as the artist(s) involved. Individual pages of the Information Kit already can be downloaded and printed as handouts; we will include posters as well.

We will also be adding logo guidelines to the information kit, but if you have any questions at any time, Ill be happy to advise you. Please check with me any time you want to use the GNSI logo: the logo may not be used anywhere without prior Board approval.

Whenever you as an individual or group/chapter put on an exhibit, or a program that promotes the GNSI along with your own art and skills, the GNSI Board requests that you contact us with your initial plans.

Why? The GNSI is a nonprofit organization, and we -- and you! -- need to be careful that an event you are planning that invokes the GNSI in any substantial way doesnt violate our nonprofit status. For example, your group is planning an exhibit at a commercial gallery and art will be for sale. This is fine, if it is set up correctly. The regulations are complicated, so I won't even try to go into them here; the best bet is to be safe rather than sorry, and check in ahead of time.

Another good reason to check in with us is that we are happy to offer suggestions on how to improve your event, make it successful and economical, and suggest possible steps to take to avoid pitfalls and problems. If you are new at planning events such as these, you can tap into the wealth of experience available from our Board and other members and chapters.

The GNSI Board wants to be sure the GNSI's brand and nonprofit status is secure, and that you have a successful event! Please contact me or any Board member about your plans.