How to update a profile

The new GNSI website is much more dynamic in content, managing your user accounts, and GNSI membership.  It is now available for you to access directly.  It is very important that we have an accurate contact information for you.

You can now manage your account from the "Log In" tab in the upper right corner of the website page in the header.

Currently, if you fail to login properly by the third try, we have a CAPTCHA test appear to ensure you are not a robot. If you can not read the presented CAPTCHA text, click the recycle button beside it to receive a different one.  If you do not know your Username and Password, use the "Forgot Password" link (under the log in tab) and enter the email address or user name you have given the Guild. The site will send you an email with a one time password link to access your account. You then must then confirm or update your username and password.

Once you are logged in, the tab will change to "My Account"

If you have any problems doing this, do not create a new account. Send us a message through the contact form of the site ( and set the category to "Login Issues". We will help you get the access you need.

When you log in, you will be transported to your user profile. You can also reach it from the "My Account" link at the top of every page. There are two areas you should look at to make sure you are up to date:
Be sure to hit the "Save" button at the bottom of each page after updating the page.

Under the EDIT tab in the main body of the account page.

1. Account page:
  - Edit your Username and Passwords
  - Default time zone: Set your time zone (based on a city location)
  - Set time intervals for receiving GNSI mail

2. Profile page:
  - Update your contact information.
  - Add images to your profile.
  - Bio. description: describe your background and business
  -Show in public directory: Make your profile public under "Find an Illustrator" (If you are a paid member).
  - Select Career Status (you can choose more than one)
  - If you have some illustration specialties, make them visible here. Please limit yourself to nine.

3. My Newsletters page:
  - If you do NOT want to receive the occasional announcement from the GNSI, uncheck the GNSI announcement box on this page.

ADDRESS update:
  - Click the Address tab at the top of the main body of the account page and update any addresses . You can change primary addresses, and add/delete secondary addresses.

Keep your user profile up to date to ensure the best service from!