How to make a profile public

Visitors to the GNSI site are not able to see the GNSI membership directory. However, if you are a paid member, you can set your profile to be visible to the world for friends and potential employers to see on the Find an Illustrator page.

GNSI Public Profile Listing

If you want your name and Profile link to appear in the public Find an Illustrator section, login to your member account. To reach your profile for editing, a link to edit your profile is available at the top right of every page, under the "My Account" tab.

Near the bottom of your profile page, select "Yes" from the "Show in public directory?" dropdown menu. Make sure you click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

You must also have your Last and First name entered in your profile edit form. If your paid membership is current, your name (Last, First) will appear in the Find an Illustrator list.

If you want your profile visible only to other current members, set the "Show in public directory?" dropdown menu to "No". You will then appear only in the Member Directory area, accessible only to paid members.