Check Membership Expiration Date

To check your memebrship status and review your membership expiration date.

1. Log into the web site. Click the "Login" tab on the upper right and enter your username and password. If the tab says "My Account" you are already logged in.

If you do not know your Username and Password, use the "Forgot Password" link (under the log in tab) and enter the email address or user name you have given the Guild. The site will send you an email with a one time password link to access your account. You then must confirm or update your password.

Currently when you log in, if you fail to login properly by the third try, we have a CAPTCHA test appear to ensure you are not a robot. If you can not read the presented CAPTCHA text, click the recycle button beside it to receive a different one. 

2. Once logged in, click on the "My Account" tab. Then look directly below it to check your expiration date.

If you have difficulties, contact the GNSI with the Contact Form.