GNSI Workshops

GNSI Educational Series

Intensive workshops designed to prepare illustrators for work in the realms of Science illustration - from the process of understanding scientific requirements to the creation of hand made and computer generated art.

NEXT WORKSHOP: Create Your Own Field Guide Illustration

The next GNSI Ed Series Workshop is designed to help you create your own Field Guide Illustration, in early September 2017. See Details Here.

History of GNSI Hands-on Education

GNSI-sponsored workshops evolved out of an a cooperative agreement between the United States Department of agriculture (USDA) and the GNSI. Starting in the late 1970's the GNSI organized an 8 week summer course with credit offered through the USDA's extension service. Meeting twice a week at the Smithsonian's Natural History Building, novice illustrators learned the ways of experience illustrators. Many teachers were founding members of the Guild, based within the Smithsonian. This marathon of learning required students to relocate to the Washington DC area for the summer.

Eventually the Guild move on to offering intensive one and two week summer classes focusing on selected areas of study. These classes would be offered around the country where ever sponsoring organizations could be found.

The most recent incarnation of the GNSI workshops is the Education Series. These classes are organized as extended weekends that can take place any time during the year, wherever a sponsoring organization can be found.

Past GNSI Workshops:

GNSI Educational Series 2016 - Review
Fort Wayne, Indiana: Leveling Up in ZBrush

GNSI Educational Series 2015
Orono, Maine: Visualizing Dinosaurs: Intro. to Science Illustration in 3D

GNSI Educational Series 2013 - Review
Ames Iowa: Slipper Orchids in Watercolor

GNSI Educational Series 2012 - Review
Pablo, Montana: Drawing on a Sense of Place - Planning and Designing a Large Scale Project

GNSI Educational Series 2011 - Review
Kearney, Nebraska: Illustrating Birds - Anatomy, Sketching, Field trips

GNSI Educational Series 2010 - Review
Washington, DC: Digital Illustration- Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

GNSI Educational Series 2009 - Review
Washington, DC: Digital Illustration- Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

GNSI Summer Workshop 2008 - Review
Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, Michigan: Drawing Small Mammals, Gouache and Colored Ink

GNSI Summer Workshop 2007 - Review
Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, Michigan: Carbon Dust, Botanical Illustration, Animals in Motion

GNSI Summer Workshop 2006 - Review
Humboldt Field Research Institute, Maine: Butterflies and Moths with Acrylic and Color Pencil, Painting Botanicals

Equine Upper Respiratory System, ©David Killpack 2009