GNSI Panelists Speak at the AAAS

On September 18th GNSI members and a Smithsonian botanist particiapted in a panel discussion on the critical role of art used in the pursuit of science. The participants were:

(GNSI members) Sally Bensusen, Alice Tangerini, Britt Griswold, Diana Marques, along with (botanist) Kenneth Wurdack.

The presentation was reported on by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) science reporter Juwonn Song. You can find out what happened here:

We hope to have a video of the event in the near future.

All photos © Charles Chen

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Science Illustration panel for the AAAS event, L-R Sally Bensusen, Kenneth Wurdack, Alice Tangerini, Britt Griswold, Diana Marques.
AAAS Auditorium where the event was held
GNSI member Diana Marques discusses new media
GNSI member and panel moderator Sally Bensusen presents her work
panel member candid shots