In Memory of Carolyn Bartlett Gast

Carolyn Bartlett Gast © Michael Gast

Another of the Guild's founding members has passed away. Carolyn Gast played a major role in creating the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. She worked as the staff illustrator in the Invertebrate Zoology Department of the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum. She was interested in the medieval development of Guilds for professions and Carolyn was the one who suggested that a Guild be established for scientific illustration. Her interest in this subject extended to illuminated manuscripts and stereoscopic images, and she created many of her own. Beautiful, minute and detailed work that she would bring, along with the stereoscopic glasses, for us to see at Guild holiday parties. She is survived by her husband Mike Gast. We will miss her dearly.

You can see three examples of Carolyn Gast's greyscale work (probably carbon dust) on this page of Invertebrate descriptions.

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Carolyn Bartlett Gast © Michael Gast