Long Time Member Alice Tangerini Featured

GNSI member Alice Tangerini is featured in  the July issue of Smithsonian Magazine.

Alice Tangerini’s botanical illustrations all begin the same way: with a seemingly simple line drawing, in which she explores a plant’s features—leaves, seed, stem, perhaps a flower or two. Next, she uses a microscope to investigate her specimen’s tiny hairs and veins, recreating their likeness in delicate lines with the pressure-sensitive pen of an architect or engineer drafter. Tangerini has adopted the tools and the vision of both the artist and scientist for her work, which is, as she describes it, “art in the service of science.

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Using an artist’s tools and the skills of a scientist, Tangerini makes “art in the service of science.” (Botanical illustrations by Alice Tangerini; photograph by Jennifer J. Hill. Photo illustration by Heather Palmateer.)