A Good Example of How Art Makes Better Science

Maeve Doyle, of the association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) has written a very good article about the process of a Burgess Shale invertebrate reconstruction, and the importance of art, and te artist, in science.

How Art Makes Science Better is a first class piece of writting that explains how rock slabs with smudges become captivating images and animations that can intrigue everyone.  AMI member Joanna Liang use this project as her master thesis. Scientist Jean-Bernard Caron of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto provides the key insight into the success of this project:

“Someone like Joanna is a rare thing,” says Caron. “I don’t work with any one artist who creates both the technical drawings and life reconstruction, and 2D artists don’t usually work on 3D animation. I have an animator in Australia who works exclusively in 3D. To have that full range of skills makes Joanna very special.”

Read this great article and veiw the videos and animations created here:


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Artistic reconstruction of Habelia optata by Joanna Liang.