GNSI Member Badge Now Online

Sample of GNSI Logo use on a Business card

Now you can proudly proclaim your GNSI credentials! We have created a GNSI Membership Badge for you to add to your website, Facebook page, printed items, or wherever you like.

The available formats are JPG and PNG. We have files suitable for a light or dark background. Please contact the GNSI Membership Director if you need anything else.

When you have it in place, send us a screen shot of your new member badge in action!

To reach the files, You need to be logged into your GNSI account, and be a current member. Here is the link:

GNSI Badge Guidelines:

1. We operate on the honor system, and request that you do not use the badge if you are not a current, up-to-date paid member of the GNSI, Inc.

2. As with the official GNSI logo, the design is approved as is; no alterations are permitted in any way (color, layout, design, etc). Do not cover or obscure any part of the badge in any way. Again, if you need a different layout, let Gail know.

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Sample of GNSI Logo use on a Business card