GNSI Conference Auction Call!

Going Once…Going twice…SOLD!

Are you getting excited yet for the 2011 National GNSI conference? Those of us hosting the event sure are excited! We are looking forward to the learning, to meeting new folks interested in natural science illustration, and to sharing the natural wonders of our region. We are also looking forward to just plain fun!

The Annual Auction is one of the many events sure to be good for laughs and a good time, but we need YOU to make it so…We need your donations and we need YOU to show up to score some awesome treasures! Best of all, everyone who participates benefits! Those who win their bids get to take home fabulous finds, those who donate get to see the excitement and laughs generated by their contributions, GNSI and its mission benefit from the support generated (proceeds are split 50/50 with the general and education funds—directing the benefit back to members!), and everyone benefits from the good time at both the silent and live auction events.

If you haven’t already started thinking about what you’d like to contribute, please do so now! Your Guild needs YOU! We want the silliest stuff or the most sublime, and anything in between—new or used items that have plenty of life left, original art or prints, perhaps you have extra copy of your recently (or not so recently) published book(s) to share, extra art supplies, Aunt Myrtle’s fruit cake left over from the holidays (no mold please!)—We’ll take it! Tako the Octo is looking forward to see what you can come up with, so let’s not disappoint her. Your donations (and bids) are a fabulous way of supporting the Guild (and possibly freeing up more space in your studio too…so you have room for the treasures you are sure to find at the auction!).

If you can’t attend the auction but want to donate, or just want to send your items ahead of time (after June 1st), contact Natalie Concillo, 204 W 4th Ave. Apt. 213, Olympia, WA 98501 (971) 998-7416. Please include a brief description, approximate or actual value, and your name and contact info. We thank you!

Remember to register for conference attendance now with our new online registration system!

—Audrey A. Miles Cherney, GNSI 2011 Conference Chair

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