Book release: Dining With Dinosaurs, by Hannah Bonner

GNSI member Hannah Bonner is adding to her already long list of children’s books (see here for an example) with the upcoming Dining with Dinosaurs, A Tasty Guide to Mesozoic Munching. The book takes you on a tour of who ate who (and what) in the Mesozoic. You will learn all about the ancient food web, from enormous long-neck herbivores to teensy blood-drinking fleas. Along the way you’ll encounter Spinosaurus on the search for fish, raptors hunting in packs, plants telling you how they eat sunlight, and scientists sharing their knowledge in comic-book style interviews. Get ready to be amused, surprised, and maybe even a bit grossed out when you learn what was on the prehistoric menu. 

The book is intended for ages 7 – 12, and anyone else who likes their science delivered with lots of pictures and a sense of humor. Look for it after September 20, in any online bookstore or at your local bookstore.

Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books | 48 Pages | 8-1/2 x 10-7/8
ISBN 9781426323393

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Dining With Dinosaurs, by Hannah Bonner