The GNSI 2017 Members Exhibit on Display

After a hiatus from a physical exhibit in 2016, the GNSI Member’s Exhibit came back in fine form at the 2017 Conference in Asheville, North Carolina. Submission of over 200 entries for the jury process might be a record breaker, and 67 pieces made the final cut for hanging in the Elizabeth W. Holden Gallery at Warren Wilson College. 

The packed Exhibit featured a broad range of beautifully illustrated specimens, informational posters, diagrammatical medical subjects, conceptual paleontological scenes, microscopic processes, cross-sections, flight patterns, metamorphosis, and life cycles. GNSI members celebrate bio-diversity in the natural world, and in their subject matter. 

During the Exhibit Reception on Monday evening of the conference, GNSI attendees casts their votes for their top three color, and top two black and white entries. The winners don’t get ribbons, trophies or cash prizes, but are honored with the recognition of colleagues and peers.  Winning illustrators and their exhibit pieces are announced during the Wednesday Awards Banquet.

Here are the winners of the popular vote for the 2017 GNSI Members Exhibit.


First Choice:
Sangusaurus and Nundasuchus
By Marlene Hill Donnelly
©2016 Marlene Hill Donnelly, Carbon Dust/digital
For scientific publication for Ken Angielczyk, Field Museum..

Second Choice:
Cephalocarpus glabra and C_rigida
By Alice Tangerini
©2015 Alice Tangerini, Pen and brush with ink on drafting film
Purpose was to illustrate a new species in the family Cyperaceae for the article, Three New Cyperaceae from the Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region of Guyana (South America) Mark T. Strong, Smithsonian Institution, Department of Botany.


First Choice:
Spring's Welcome to All/Apple Blossom
By Rhonda Nass
©2016 Rhonda Nass, ACRYLIC on Canvas/Archival Print
Private commission; then image of painting used as self-promotion for artist.

Second Choice:
Spectacled Owl
By Rebecca Gelernter
©2016 Rebecca Gelernter, Watercolor

Third Choice:
The Anatomy of the Beak of the Flamingo
By Xavier Pita
©2012 Xavier Pita, Digital
Academic Work

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GNSI 2017 Members Exhibit, Image © Amelia Janes
GNSI 2017 Members Exhibit, Image © Amelia Janes