2016 GNSI Mural After Life

The 2016 Santa Cruz GNSI Conference generated a set of large chalk murals. They are now ready for a new life helping the GNSI financially. I am writing on behalf of the GNSI, asking the artists who worked on the murals to sign a permissions/rights form regarding the work you did at the Kelp Forest Chalk Mural event last summer. The mural was conceived to be an ethereal thing. A moment. An event. It ended up as a 3 rather large objects. In fact they ended up on public display for months last summer at the Marine Sanctuary Education Center – was a grand perk!

Now, with the Board's approval, it has been decided that the murals will be cut up into panels and auctioned off. The funds raised will be used for GNSI educational and general activities.

Please read the PFD release, and identify the images you contributed to the mural. I hope all participants will sign it and return the form to me.

Please remember to tell me the number superimposed over it. For example, you might tell me: Panel 1 #24. 

Hope to hear back form you all soon, as we want to have some of the small, frameable sections in this year's auction at the meeting in North Carolina.

Taina Litwak
[email protected]

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2016 GNSI Chalk Mural Panel 1
2016 GNSI Chalk Mural Panel 2
2016 GNSI Chalk Mural Panel 3